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Let Your Beauty SHINELuster Serum Review

Has your skin lost its luster?  It’s a common problem for women, and it can start as early as our 30’s.  There are things you can do, like moisturize daily and wear sunscreen, but outside of that it’s all guess work.  But maybe reaching for that trendy new bee venom serum isn’t quite what the doctor ordered.  Luster Serum takes it back to basics, and to great effect.  If you have wrinkles, fine lines, or problem dark spots, try Luster Serum before you book your next botox appointment.  It might just save you some money.  Click the image to get your trial bottle sent today.

Luster Eye Lifting Serum is designed to lift and firm the undereye area.  And while it can be used there to that effect, users have found that it carries benefits way more diverse than that.  It makes sense.  The under eye area is notoriously difficult for getting visible results.  That’s because it’s some of the thinnest skin on the body.  If it can get results there without causing issues, it can get results anywhere.  So, do you want to regain your luster?  The process starts with a simple click.  Just tap the button below and you’ll gain access to the exclusive trial program.  The Luster Serum trial program runs out of spots fast, so act faster!

How Does Luster Serum Work?

When we explain how our skin ages to people, we typically compare it to a vase.  When it’s new, a vase is great at holding water.  If you put a lid on it, it can hold that water indefinitely.  But say that vase gets cracked, or the lid gets dislodged.  Water starts to leak out, and evaporate into the atmosphere around it.  That’s the same problem that the skin has.  It starts to break down, allowing moisture to escape through the cracks.  But unlike other areas, when the skin loses water, it needs to be replaced.  If it’s chronically gone, the underlying structure isn’t as supported.  Let’s look at how Luster Serum is helping to stop that from happening;

  • Luster Serum Locks In Moisture – Using a complex blend of peptides, Luster Serum is able to fortify the skin barrier.  This helps guard against the loss of moisture that we talked about above.  (Warning: Science Ahead) this process is termed transepidermal water loss.  When we lose moisture through this process, the underlying tissue shrinks in size, making the overlying tissue (surface skin) sag into the newly vacated real estate.  The result is surface wrinkles, roughness, and dark circles.  But if you stop that moisture loss, you quickly regain the water in that tissue, which essentially pushes out wrinkles.
  • Luster Serum Fortifies Your Skin – While locking in moisture is important, it’s also important to address the root issue.  That issue is a degradation in the skin tissue.  This tissue is what holds moisture in, and when it’s not kept up to standard, it’s losing moisture at a rapid rate.  This leads to the problem we mentioned above.  So while peptides serve as a sort of stop gap, giving your skin topical, useable collagen is important too.  It makes more sense when you know that collagen makes up to 70% of your skin.  It’s important.  So giving your skin usable collagen can help it to start repairing essential structures that keep moisture in.

 Luster Serum Benefits

Like we said above, the benefits aren’t really anything groundbreaking.  But because they’re working under the surface to address the real issues hurting our skin, they’re more long-lived and apparent.  Luster Serum is definitely targeted at the undereye area.  But you can also see some benefits on your skin in other places.  Wrinkles, for one.  The serum is great at attacking wrinkles at the source, giving your skin a lessened appearance of wrinkles on the surface.  Additionally, because it’s using some ingredients that help to standardize your skin’s appearance, it’s able to smooth the transitions from dark spots and blemishes to your normal skin, making them less apparent, too.

Where Can I Buy Luster Serum?

You can take off that heavy purse, put on your slippers and pour a glass of wine, you’ll be able to do this from your phone, tablet or computer.  In fact, it’s the only way to do it.  For people shopping for Luster Serum, you’ll need to buy online through the company.  But it’s a little more complicated than that.  You’ll be going through what’s called a “trial.”  Let’s take a look at what that entails.

Luster Serum Trial Program

When you see the word trial, you’re always expecting something that’s heavy on the strings, and light on the benefits.  With Luster Serum, you’re getting a trial that lets you get a bottle in your hands to try, and does it in a way where you’re not paying an arm and a leg to do it.  This trial asks users to pay $5 to get their product sent to the user.  Then they have the remainder of the trial period to try the product before they opt in (automatically if you don’t cancel) or opt out.  If you opt out, you send it back and you don’t owe anything additional.  If you opt in, you pay for the bottle of serum you have.  It’s pretty simple.  If you want to see the full trial details, you can click the button to get access.

Luster Serum Trial

Have Questions About Luster Serum?

We’ve had a chance to go over all the information available about Luster Eye Serum, and there’s a lot that we didn’t have a chance to talk about.  So if you have questions, we’re happy to chat.  As such, we’ve set up a page for you to contact us if you need to get in touch.  Remember, we’re not the company.  We’re just trying to provide information for people on how to get a trial of the product, should they want one.  Our advice to people is to write down contact info when they start a trial, in the case they need to get in touch with support.  We hope that Luster Serum treats you well, it seems like a really good product.